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My Microsoft Access database development organization, Grover Park Consulting, solves a common business problem:

Smaller businesses and organizations need the same business tools Fortune 500 companies and government agencies use. We just need them in a more accessible, more affordable, format.

For example, every business:

Every successful small business owner performs those functions-- and many more like them--day in and day out. We need cost-effective, easy-to-use Smart Tools like I build using MS Access™, SQL Server and related Office automation..

MS Access™ and SQL Server are the premier database development tools. They're the most used tools in my toolkit.

I call these my "Smart Tools", and I use them to build custom databases at reasonable cost for the small and medium sized organizations which are the backbone of our economy.

The free Access demos and samples on my website are intended to help you start thinking about how you can use MS Access™ and SQL Server to improve your business. 

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