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How long will this take?

That depends on factors like the complexity of the proposed Database Tool and any special requirements you have. It also depends on your level of expertise and the time you have to devote to the project.

I've created simple databases in less than a week. I've spent up to six months on complex projects for multiple users spread across multiple locations, where automation was required to pull data from other systems. See the database development pricing page for more details.

In addition to your own time, you must consult your staff to design and build Smart Tools that meet your needs. You or someone on your staff will make an investment of time in at least three ways:

One way to control the cost of your Smart Database Tool project is to build it in phases. If you want a suite of Smart Tools to track Time and Attendance, monitor Work in Progress, manage a Customer Contact List and keep your personal Rolodex, start with one module and add the others one at at time.

What Do I Have to Prepare Before I Start?

Define your requirements as fully and as carefully as you can. You buy my experience and expertise in building databases to help you plan and evaluate, but I am not an expert on YOUR business. Start by downloading and completing the Proposed Project Profile . Write out in as much detail as you can what you expect the new tool to do for you. Then Email me to discuss your options with your request for a pre-project review and analysis.

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*The Pre-Engagement Conference is one to one-and-a-half hours during which we explore your needs and decide if we should move ahead to a contract. Normal hourly rates apply after that.