Current Microsoft MVP Awardees

MS Access™ MVP Awardee from July, 2007 through June, 2019

There are three versions: one for A2000 mdbs , one for A2002-2003 mdbs and one for A2007 and later accdbs . Each of the three zipped files is approximately 69MB. The downloads are free to anyone who wants the data. The data is licensed under a Creative Commons license The downloads are also available at two or three other mirror sites.

Microsoft Access 2007 version Access 2007 Version Microsoft Access 2003 version Access 2003 Version Microsoft Access 2000 version Access 2000 Version

NEW for 2016. SQL Server tables as a bacpac.

You can now obtain the Employee database tables and data as a bacpac, ready to import into your own SQL Server or SQL Azure instance. Download it here

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