Current Microsoft MVP Awardees

MS Access™ MVP Awardee from July, 2007 through June, 2019

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Access User Groups, Local & Online (Virtual)

Access User Groups (Online only)
Bringing together people who wish to learn more about Access. VAUGs meet online throughout the month. It's free to attend any of them. Grroups currently meeting include Access Eastern Time, Access España, Access for Beginners, Access Latino America, Access Lunchtime, SQL Server with Access and Access Pacific. Check the group website for details and links to videos of previous meetings.(English, Español).
Juan Soto (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Denver Area Access Users Group
Help Microsoft Access users get the most from Microsoft's Office database product. Meetings held Third Thursday of each month at 6:00pm. (English).
DAAUG (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Commercial Software for Access and VBA Tool Vendors

Access SQL Editor
Access SQL Editor is an add-in for Microsoft Access with syntax highlighting, etc. With this add-in, you can edit your Access queries using many of the tools currently available only in the SQL Server SQL editor. Licence cost is very reasonable. (English).
Field Effect, LLC (updated: 20 Feb, 2023) offers great MS Access tools and a database recovery service for corrupted mdb/accdb files. EverythingAccess also recovers VBA from mde/accdes. Recovery service requires proof of ownership. Cost varies depending on the amount of work required for each mde/accde. (English).
Wayne Phillips (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Find and Replace from Access Dev Tools
Philipp's Find and Replace is an invaluable tool for Access developers to navigate sizeable Access projects, and to analyze unfamiliar projects and to quickly rename or change properties and code across the whole project or parts of it. Reasonable license cost. (English, German).
Philipp Steifel (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

FMS, Inc.
Microsoft Access, SQL Server, and Visual Studio .NET Products and Services. FMS occupies a unique position in professional MS Access tools for developers. License costs vary for each tool.
FMS also provides a wealth of free materials, including articles and FAQs, about MS Access. (English).
Luke Chung (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Gunter Avenius Ribbon Creator
Custom Ribbon Designer for Office Apps. IMO, these are best tools for creating custom Office ribbons. License cost is very reasonable.
FAQs and How-To articles available. (German, English).
Gunter Avenius (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Isladogs on Access Website
This channel, Isladogs on Access, will be used for videos explaining features of various free example apps and code samples for Microsoft® Access® that I have created in recent years.
Colin Riddington (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

MZ Tools For Office VBA
MZ-Tools is an Office Add-in which makes developing in VBA easier and faster. Well worth the license cost. Use it with Access as well as other applications. (English, Spanish).
Carlos Quintero (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Peter's Software Products & Downloads
Helping you create better Microsoft Access applications. Offerings include KeyedAccess, an addin to enforce your licenses in Access-based products you sell. If you want to sell a commercial Access relational database application, licensing is a key component. (English).
Peter De Baets (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

V-Tools For VBA
V-Tools is wizard or add-in for Access 97, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. Great tool to speed Access development. V-Tools basic tool is free. (Française, English).
skrol29 (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Code Downloads, Tips & Tricks, Demo Databases from MS Access Development Experts And MS Access MVPs

Access Diva -- MS Access Consultant and Developer
Gina Whipp, former MS Access MVP is the Access Diva. Her motto is "The difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes a little bit longer." Gina's site offers Code Samples & Tips. (English).
Gina Whipp (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Allen Browne's Database and Training Tips and Demos
Allen Browne's Free Access Tips and code samples has been one of a handful of "Go-To" sites for many years. Allen is one of the pioneers in Access development. (English).
Allen Browne (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Brent Spaulding's Find and Replace Utility
Brent is one of the premier MS Access developers currently active. His free Search and Replace Tool is available to members of UtterAccess. Find objects in your application containing any string (English).
Brent Spaulding (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

BTAB Development
Microsoft Access quick tutorials, code snippets, and more. Bob's Auto Updater code is one of the best of its kind. And it's free. Previously owned by Bob Larson, former MS Access MVP, this site is now supported by Access Experts, thanks to Juan Soto. (English).
IT Impact (Bob Larson, Juan Soto) (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Codekabinett - Access, VBA & Co.
A growing collection of articles about Access, VBA and SQL programming by Phillip Steifel, a former German Access MVP. Prominent in recent blog posts is a discussion of GDPR and why Phillip loves it. (Deutsch, English).
Phillip Steifel (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Conrad Systems Development
Jeff Conrad, former MS Access MVP, offers Code Samples and Demos, Crucial Resources For Access Developers. Jeff is now at Microsoft working to improve Office documentation (English).
Jeff Conrad (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Database Development (Sample Code)
Leigh Purvis, former MS Access MVP, provides samples and demos for MS Access. His organization specializes in creating Microsoft database technology solutions (English).
Leigh Purvis (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

DataGnostics MS Access Tips and Tricks
Dirk Goldar, former MS Access MVP, provides a number of Access tips and tricks. (English).
Dirk Goldar (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

DataStrat Data Strategies
Former MS Access MVP Arvin Meyer's Download Page supports older versions of MS Access (97 to 2003) (English).
Arvin Meyer (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Doug's pathetic Microsoft Access Page
Links to Doug's favorite resources and Code Samples from Doug Steele, former Access MVP (English).
Doug Steele (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Hook'D on Access
Access Tips, Code Samples, Articles and Links provided by Duane Hookom, former MS Access MVP. These are quality examples and samples (older versions emphasized). (English).
Duane Hookom (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

J Street Technology: Access Support
Free downloads for our fellow [Access] developers. J Street is MS Access MVP Armen Stein's development organization. These are the standard tools J Street uses for their own client development and shared with the community (English).
Armen Stein (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Ken Sheridan's Database Downloads: Demos and Samples
Ken Sheridan offers nearly 90 sample databases illustrating solutions to common problems faced by new developers. Every new Access developer needs these examples.

Ken's site is unique in that it is supported on a public One-Drive (English).
Ken Sheridan (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

La Web de Access del Búho
The Owl's Nest for Access. Access samples and demos by Spanish speaking Access MVP, Francisco Javier Garcia Aguado. (Español).
Francisco Javier Garcia Aguado (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Organisation der Datenbankentwickler e.V
Access code samples created and offered by a collaborative group of German Access Developers. (Deutsch).
German MS Access Group (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Point Limited Access Downloads
Alex Dybenko, MS Access MVP, provides English language Microsoft Access Tips and Tricks, code samples, downloads, including Language translator for multiple languages (English, Russian).
Alex Dybenko (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Roger's Access Library
Former MS Access MVP Roger Carlson's Blog and Sample Code. Roger's demos & samples are among the most frequently downloaded Access samples on the web. (English).
Roger Carlson (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Sandra Daigle
Sandra Daigle's Microsoft Access Database Samples. A collection of solid Access demos and sample mdbs. (English).
Sandra Daigle (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Stephen Lebans
Stephen Lebans has long been a by-word in MS Access. He created World Class Custom UI Code. If you need something that Access "just can't do", try Lebans site. It just might be here.
Mr. Lebans is retired from Access work, but this site is still active. (English).
Stephen Lebans (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Strive 4 Peace on Access MVP Site
MS Access MVP Crystal Long wrote a popular Access Basics Book, Training, Consulting and downloads (English).
Crystal Long (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

The Access Web: A Seminal MS Access Code
One of the foundation Access code sample sites. Everything here comes from Access 97 through 2000, but most of it is applicable to later versions as well.
Be aware, though, that many of the techniques and APIs involved may be older and no longer the most optimal in all cases. (English).
Arvin Meyer and Felix Kasza (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

The DB Guy
TheDBGuy is an MS Access MVP who provides numerous code samples, demo databases, articles and insight. (English).
The DB Guy (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Utilidades Access (Access Utilities)
Code samples and demos for Access from former Access MVP, José Bengoechea Ibaceta. José produces an Annual Access conference for Spanish speakers in Madrid (Español).
José Bengoechea Ibaceta (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Access Forums and Newsgroups

Access Forums
Access Forums is a major UK--based Access Help Forum. (English).
Access Forums (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Access World Forums
Access World Forums is a major UK--based Access Help Forum. (English).
Access World Forums (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Bill Jelen's
Bill Jelen, MS Excel MVP, is the publisher of my first book, Grover Park George On Access. maintains a small Access forum (English).
Bill Jelen (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

donkarl MS Access Forum
German and Italtian Language MS Access Forum maintained by MS Access MVP, Karl Donaubauer (Deutsch, Italiano).
Karl Donaubauer (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Eileen's Lounge
Eileen's Lounge is a friendly discussion board running without any ads since January 24, 2010. MS Access MVP Hans Vogelaar is a key participant and admin. (English).
Hans Vogelaar (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Experts Exchange
Forums on multiple software topics, including Microsoft Access. Key participants at EE include MS Access MVPs and former MS Access MVPs, Daniel Pineault, Gustav Brock, Jim Dettman, Adrian Bell, Dale Fye and others (English).
Experts Exchange (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Microsoft Answers
Microsoft's own Help Forum for Access and other Office applications (English, other languages).
Microsoft (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Utter Access
Utter Access is the Best Access Forum on the internet, if I do say so myself. (I'm on the admin team so I can say so). Founded by Gord Hubbell, UtterAccess is now run by former Access MVP Jack Leach (English).
Jack Leach (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Access Consultants for Hire

Access Experts Software Solutions: Consultant
Access Experts Software Solutions develops custom database solutions heavily emphasizing Access for interfaces and SQL Server for databases (English, Español).
Juan Soto (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Accessible Data Solutions
Get The Database You Need For Fast Accurate Data Management (English).
James Foxworthy, Current CEO -- Founded by Scott Walker (updated: 19 Nov,

Data Control LLC
We build, fix and program Access Datases.
Jack Jaeger (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Database Development: Consulting Services
Former MS Access MVP Leigh Purvis is a principal developer, specialising in creating Microsoft database technology solutions. Based in the UK. (English).
Leigh Purvis (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

DataGnostics Custom Access Development
Dirk Goldar, former MS Access MVP, offers custom database design using Access, SQL Server or SAS. (English).
Dirk Goldar (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

DataGnostics: Consulting Services
An independent consulting firm dedicated to solving your problems, large or small. Small collection of Access Tips (English).
Dirk Goldar (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

DEVelopers HUT (DEVHUT) Consultant
Daniel Pineault, MS Access MVP. Daniel specializes mainly in the development of custom IT solutions for business ranging from databases, automated workbooks and documents, websites and web applications. (English, French).
Daniel Pineault (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

HCS Consulting Group: Consulting Services
HCS is the development company of former MS Access MVP, Albert Kallal. HCS makes Complex Systems simple. (English).
Albert Kallal (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

IT Impact
Juan Soto, MS Access MVP, runs this development company, Access Experts using SQL Server to provide Business Expertise (English, Spanish).
Juan Soto (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

J Street Technology: Consulting Services
We may be some of the most seasoned, business-savvy application developers you’ll ever meet.
Armen Stein (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Point Limited Software Development
Developers of Business application solutions and Programming support tools focusing on MS Access, VB and web development. (Russian, English).
Alex Dybenko (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Tigeronomy Software
Consulting services including MS Access database design. Code and samples for MS Access (English).
John Mishefske (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Todo Access: Consulting Services
El Mundo de Access en Español, "the world of Access in Spanish". Also offers Access demos and sample code (Español).
Ángel Pérez Díaz (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Other Resources for Access Developers

Access Diva's Blog
Gina Whipp, former MS Access MVP is the Access Diva. Her motto is "The difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes a little bit longer." Her blog offers insight into MS Access from years of experience. (English).
Gina Whipp (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Access Experts Software Solutions: Blog & Podcasts
Blog published by Access Experts (English).
Juan Soto (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Daniel Pineault, MS Access MVP, aggregates crucial information on Bugs reported in Windows and Access. (English, French) development tasks.
Daniel Pineault (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

DEVelopers HUT (DEVHUT) Blogs
Daniel Pineault, MS Access MVP, blogs on current topics regarding MS Access. Daniel's focus is primarily on bugs and related problems. His other technical papers also offer insights into more advanced automation. (English, French).
Daniel Pineault (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Excel Nova
Primary Focus on Excel with additional Access Links (Deutsch).
Lukas Rohr (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Granite Consulting
Former MS Access MVP Tony Toewes' Access Resources and Auto FE Updater tool. Resources emphasize older (pre 2007) versions of Access. Tony's Auto FE Updater is universally acknowledged (English).
Tony Toewes (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

HCS Consulting Group: Resources and Articles
Articles and discussions of basic, important Access concepts written by former MS Access MVP, Albert Kallal (English).
Albert Kallal (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Ken's ACCESS Tips, Code Snippets, and Other ACCESS "Things"
Former MS Access MVP Ken Snell provides ACCESS Tips, Code Snippets, and Other ACCESS Resources. Mostly based on older versions of Access, solid stuff for all Access development (English).
Ken Snell (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

MS Access Links
MS Access Links, maintained by former MS Access Software Engineer Kevin Bell, is a crowdsourced repository of curated Microsoft Access links. High level Access tools (English).
Kevin Bell (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Peter's Software Blog
Peter De Baets, Microsoft Access developer, operates this blog. Tips, code, what I'm working on, etc… (English).
Peter De Baets (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Tom Wickerath's Page at
Articles and links on Access from former Access MVP, Tom Wickerath. Mostly based older versions of Access, they are still relevant to all versions (English).
Tom Wickerath (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)
The entire catalog of downloadable "Smart Access" articles is available here in PDF format (including one of mine).
Free support and help for MS Access users around the world. Founded by Former MS Access MVP Garry Robinson, currently hosted by IT Impact. (English).
ITImpact (Garry Robinson) (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Yaccess - The Access Portal
Raphael Hein maintains a curated list of links to Access related sites and conferences(Deutsch, English).
Raphael Hein (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)
Computer Learning Zone -- Richard Rost, Access MVP
Richard Rost produces content for all aspects of Access development. His company offers paid training as well as free, shorter content.. Richard Rost (updated: 07 May, 2024)

Access Conferences and Events

Access Day Redmond
English Language Access Conferences timed to coincide with the annual MS MVP Summit. Top presenters spend a day sharing expertise and experience. Hosted by MS Access MVP, Armen Stein. Check the site for current dates. (Cancelled for 2020-222 due to concerns over the COVID 19 outbreak.)(English).
Armen Stein (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Access DevCon Vienna
English Language Access Conferences in Austria. Karl Donaubauer brings together dozens of European Access developers to share knowledge, experience and a glorious location. Hosted by MS Access MVP, Karl Donaubauer. Karl also hosts German and Italian language Access conferences. Check the site for current dates. (English).
Karl Donaubauer (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Access User Group National Seminar
A great one day line-up of Access presentations featuring key speakers from the UK. Check the site for current dates. (English).
UK Access User Group (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

donkarl MS Access Conferences
MS Access MVP Karl Donaubauer's Access Conferences in English, German and Italian. Held at various times in different countries, Karl's Access conferences bring dozens of top developers together at locations in Europe. Check the site for current dates (Deutsch, English, Italiano).
Karl Donaubauer (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Video Training

Access User Groups YouTube Videos
Most AUG meetings are recorded and uploaded to the AUG YouTube Channel. If you miss a live meeting, you can see it later.
Juan Soto (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

D Pineault Videos
Just a developer trying to share some knowledge with others and hopefully make technology/programming a little more comprehensible.
Daniel Pineault (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Daniel Christian
PowerApps Tutorials.
Daniel Christian (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Grover Park Consulting
MS Access and MS PowerApps offer developers the optimal tools for creating hybrid relational database applications. MS Access for robust desktop interfaces. MS PowerApps for robust mobile and browser interfaces. Hundreds of data source (SharePoint Lists, SQL Azure, and hundreds more) for the data store. Win-Win-Win with MS Access and MS PowerApps.
George Hepworth (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Isladogs on Access YouTube Channel
This channel, Isladogs on Access, will be used for videos explaining features of various free example apps and code samples for Microsoft® Access® that I have created in recent years.
Colin Riddington (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Kevin Stratvert
Learn how to do anything with high quality how to and review videos. I'm an ex-Microsoft Product Manager and now a full time YouTube Creator. I worked at Microsoft for 14 years and most recently led the and the Office app experiences..
Kevin Stratvert (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Matthew Devaney
PowerApps Tutorials.
Matthew Devaney (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Reza Dorrani
A YouTube channel focused on all things PowerApps, Power Automate (flow), SharePoint, Microsoft Dataverse, Microsoft 365 & more.
Reza Dorrani (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

Shane Young
Consider PowerApps as the companion tool to MS Access in creating a true hybrid application.
Learn about all things Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint, PowerShell, and Office365. This channel is provided by Shane Young as part of documenting his work with PowerApps911.
Shane Young (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

VBA Pills
Short Videos illustrating some of the fantastic work Alessandro Grimaldi has done with custom interfaces.
Alessandro Grimaldi (updated: 20 Feb, 2023)

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